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Senin, 03 Oktober 2016

Writing is not only about the words, it's about our soul, heart, and worlds. Our writing  is powerful when we are using feelings and mind works together.

I can't write happiness's  theme when my mood is lowered. I feel like lying to myself even though I knew the rules of happiness.  Big difference when  I am happy. My fingers dance without ordering. They are working themselves. I am sure, my feeling throughout their heart while reading it.

Happiness is the essential thing of life. Without happiness, the world is just a place without melody and sunshine. But, mostly people don't know what is happiness. How to build up and create it?

People are always worried about what's happening next. They are often finding it difficult to stand still, to occupy the now without worrying about the future. People are not generally satisfied what they have; they are very concerned what they are going to have. That's the reason why happiness difficult to capture it. Happiness is the present times. It's not about tomorrow, but now.

Happiness is creativity without limit. We should live beyond our soul to research what gives to us since born. The God gives us treasures and orders the human to follow the path and find the way for listening murmured of guidance. We called it Love. 

We are feeling emptiness and trying to fill it. There's something missing and we knock on spirit of door for awakening. Happiness is combining with bad and good condition along the journey to find the answers. It looks like sunshine and raining. Without them, the plant will not grow. Without them, the rainbow will not existed. So, happiness is the art and qualities of human senses and skill. It's balanced by heart, mind, and body.

Mostly people thinking they will be happy when their dreams come true.  When they get married,  wealthy, and etc. The moment they pursue it, the soul is still empties.  The material or others can't make them happy, they are feeling disappointed and started to find the answers. What's wrong?

I was demanded before. I feel the world  is unfair. My life was so terrible. At last, in my lowest condition, God gave me the answer. How come?

I have read before,"Suffering make people energizing hundred times than normal times."
That's the reason I was surviving and finding what is the meaning of happiness. Happiness existed when we are realized as human beings, not only physically but spirituals too. Suffering is the moment I could recognise my other powerful side.

Nothing is impossible when HE helps and love us. He has thousands of ways and sometime we call it coincident.

Nothing is coincident in the world. Everything happens by reason and design. When our awareness are working, we will easily feel and see His Love and Power working along the journeys.

So, only grateful and graceful should fill our days. Grateful can make happiness. We should try to accept and love ourselves, path, and people around us without a reason. That is the one and only way to the peaceful life. #catatanfas #learningbywriting

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